Create new BTCFi assets effortlessly in a few clicks, even with no coding expertise and knowledge. We eliminate the need for whitelisting.

Deploy, mint, and establish an open market for your inscriptions. Launching the market for your BRC20 tokens has never been easier.

SatoshiSync leads the way in permissionless inscription markets on BRC20, allowing for seamless customization and one-click bridging to ERC20 or any EVM for improved liquidity.

How to launch your own Inscriptions market?

  1. Open our Inscribe page.

  2. Choose unique ticker for your Inscription, add logo, total supply and limit per mint.

  3. Click Deploy.

  4. Now, it's time to mint your Inscription.

  5. Add chosen ticker and amount you want to mint.

  6. Click Mint.

  7. Bridge your minted Inscription to the preferred EVM chain.

  8. Establish the liquidity pool.

  9. Your own Inscriptions market is ready!

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