v2 SatoshiSync Protocol

We are committed to continuous refinement of our product to meet the needs of users within the BTCFi ecosystem. Our focus extends beyond BRC20 as we strive to pioneer the development of the first permissionless, chain-agnostic protocol for cross-chain Inscriptions, including BTC Layer 2 integration.

In pursuit of this vision, we are actively enhancing our protocol in its v2 iteration to seamlessly incorporate LayerZero and its Omnichain Fungible Tokens (OFT) trading. OFTs represent a token type that can be composed across all of LayerZero's integrated blockchains, allowing for direct transfer and utilization in various dApps through the established contract-to-contract communication within the protocol.

The introduction of OFTs addresses liquidity challenges, enabling fluid movement across chains, with funds directed to the most efficient utility. New users benefit from a simplified experience, devoid of infrastructure management concerns.

Our mission revolves around unifying fragmented liquidity, and the upcoming integration of BTC Layer 2s in the next protocol version underscores our commitment. We are actively collaborating with partners such as Polyhedra, CoreDAO, and ZetaChain to realize this vision.

Together, we aim to create a cohesive and efficient ecosystem that transcends individual blockchains, providing users with unprecedented accessibility and flexibility.

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