Runes -> EVM/SOL

Discover the process behind RuneBridge and how we bridge Runes from BRC20 to EVM/SOL.

  1. Transfer Runes: A user initiates the bridge by transferring Runes to the Runes service wallet.

    This marks the start of the bridging process.

  2. Transaction Indexing with Confirmation: The indexer waits for three block confirmations to ensure the transaction's validity before acknowledging the receipt of assets in the bridge service wallet.

  3. User Request and Lazy-Minting Voucher: The user's Runes wallet signs a request for bridging funds.

    This signed request is known as a lazy-minting voucher, which will be used to mint the equivalent tokens on the EVM/SOL side.

  4. Backend Verification: The backend system performs a thorough check on the user's bridging request.

    Upon successful verification, the backend signs the lazy-minting voucher, ensuring that everything is in order for the next steps.

  5. First-Time Bridging Check: For users bridging for the first time, the process includes the deployment of a WrappedRunes contract on the EVM/SOL blockchain.

    This step is necessary to enable the minting and management of wrapped Runes on the EVM/SOL side.

  6. Token Claiming: The user interacts with the EVM/SOL Factory contract to claim their tokens. The system verifies whether the voucher is still valid.

    If it is valid, the user can proceed to claim their tokens. If the voucher has expired, the user must submit a new request.

  7. Burn and Event Trigger: Alternatively, a user can initiate the bridge by calling the smart contract method that burns tokens and logs an event with the Runes wallet address and target blockchain.

  8. Event Capture and Validation: The subgraph indexer captures this event, and the backend validates it.

    Validation ensures that your Runes are safe and ready for bridging.

  9. Token Transfer Execution: Upon validation, the backend performs the token transfer within the Runes, completing the bridging process. By following these steps, RuneBridge ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient bridging experience from BTC to EVM/SOL.

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