$SSNC token

$SSCN is the native token in the SatoshiSync ecosystem offering the following key utilities:

  • Cross Chain Bridging: $SSNC token holders can engage in Inscriptions trading across multiple chains without the need to bridge their funds.

  • Cross Chain Revenue Capture/fees: Holders of the $SSNC token will receive revenue generated from cross-chain fees on SatoshiSync Platform.

  • Deflationary: Revenue generated from SatoshiSync will be used to buyback and burn $SSNC. The total supply of $SSNC token will decrease over time as the adoption of Inscriptions increases

  • Governance/Voting Rights: $SSNC token holders can shape the future of the BTCFi ecosystem by participating in governance of the SatoshiSync platform.

  • Staking: Stake $SSNC tokens to earn rewards in the form of BTCFi tokens.

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